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If an HOA posts a no trespassing sign at our retention pond, is it trespassing if you have a guest that crosses it to come over?

Jacksonville, FL |

My son has a friend that lives across the ditch in another neighborhood and the president of the HOA seems to have a problem with them crossing back and forth. If the boys have permission from us the parents, can he stop this? I am a resident in the HOA neighborhood.

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Yes it is trespassing. The property owner, in this case the HOA, have clearly demonstrated that the retention pond is off limits (likely for safety and liability purposes) and so a person walking into the clearly posted trespassing area would then be trespassing. It doesn't matter if the boys have permission from the parents; the parents don't have the ability to permit the trespassing. The boys need to walk around the retention pond.

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Yes. It is trespassing for anyone to be on that property.

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