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If an employer pays you on a 1099 does that mean he spends no taxes on you?

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Right. No taxes by paid employer. 1099 recipient is independent contractor.

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If you received a 1099, then your "employer" considers you an independent contractor and the payroll taxes are your responsibility. You will have to file a schedule c with your return to show the income and a schedule se to compute the self employment tax.

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You are considered an independent contractor if you get a 1099...whether this is proper or not depends on many factors. Many companies prefer independent contractors for the reason you identify which is that they do not pay the employer side of payroll taxes for you.

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That's true. As one of my colleagues mentions whether you are ACTUALLY an "independent contractor" depends on your relationship with your employer. If we assume that you are (and that the employer did not have to withhold taxes for you or pay employment taxes for you), be sure to check with your accountant. You will have to pay self employment taxes (this is different than your regular income tax), since your employer did not do so for you. Click the link below for my article on the differences between employees and independent contractors.

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I agree with the last answer. Yes it is true that if you are 1099ed, the company 1099-ing you did not pay any associated payroll taxes for you. That also means, as previously noted, that YOU are responsible for those taxes as income you received. Whether you are an independent contractor or not is dependent on your relationship to the company paying you. Do you have set hours? Do you have to work at specific place? Do you invoice the company? There is a whole list of issues to look at to help you determine your true status on the IRS's website.


It means you are responsible for paying all of your employment taxes. If you are an employee, they must pay a portion, and withhold the rest.

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