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If an attorney doesn't provide you with a copy of engagement agreement you have signed upon hiring them, what can be done?

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Upon hiring an attorney, we didn't recieve an copy of the engagement agreement after paying the retainer fee. There are many loose ends and no closure with our case. The attorney is requesting$800 more for a case that is not closed due to their inaccuracies. We have received the wrong information for child support payments (with return of child support payments) and the child support case has been moved from one state to another. With the present state showing payments not recieved. Can anything be done since the attorney did not provide closure to this case?

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yes. make an appt. to see the lawyer. request a copy of the entire file, including the engagement letter. leave the appt. go hire a different lawyer to finish the case.



Thank you for your complete answer. Very helpful. One more question, are we still responsible for paying any additional charges that she has sent to us, since she did not provide us with a copy of the engagement agreement and didn't provide any closure?

Gary L. Schlesinger

Gary L. Schlesinger


without seeing the engagement letter, i cannot say what you are responsible for. go take it and the file to the new lawyer. let that person tell you.



Thank you Gary. My husband has requested a copy with documentation from his attorney. Your input has been greatly appreciated and I appreciate your positive attitude with your response to my questions.


Ask your attorney for a copy of the engagement letter.

You may want to send him a request in writing via certified mail.

Good Luck!

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