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If an attorney has lost his license to practice law in 2010 how do I know if its ok to hire him now in 2013?

Kearny, NJ |

I am worried because i gave attorney Gregory Nordt's office my credit card but I did not sign any docs yet. I dont know him i got his info from another attorney's secretary. She now tells me she dont know him she just had his business card. Please help what to do? I urgently need an attorney to help me stop a sale date for 4/2/2013 in Broward County Court. Florida. I live in NJ now but my property is in FLorida. Thanks for your quick response.

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I did a quick search of the NJ Court Attorney Directory and did not see a listing for this person under this name. Perhaps you can take a look yourself:

That said, is he a FL lawyer? If so, check with their system or call the FL state bar. They can also help direct you to a FL lawyer that can assist with your matter. You can also use Avvo to search for a lawyer as well.

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I did a quick Google search. It appears he was suspended for 30 days in 2010 and currently has a law practice dealing with foreclosure law. But don't take my word for it. Do your own Google search and call the Florida Bar and the attorney to find out his status.


For any questions about any attorney's fitness or right to practice law, contact the state bar association, the state office of attorney ethics, or the state attorney disciplinary review board for the state in which that attorney practices. Those organizations will provide the best guidance. As a general rule, if your credit card information is unsecured, cancel the credit card; but I caution you to review your correspondence as the exchange of emails or letters may have the effect of creating a contract if there was a "meeting of the minds" (i.e.: an agreement as to the major issues), even absent a formal written contract.

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