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If all misdemeanor charges add up to a gravity score of 17, how much jail time would someone be looking at?

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Retail Theft (m1) (2 counts)
Terroristic Threats (m1) (2 counts)
Resist Arrest (m2)
Disorderly Conduct (m3)
Criminal Mischief Damage (m3)
Criminal Mischief Reckless (m3)

Forgot these charges as well...Which would change the gravity score. Unless of course I added it up wrong. I'm not really sure how the scoring works. (M1) Theft By Unlaw Taking-Movable Prop (M1) Receiving Stolen Property (M) Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph (M) Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph

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You need a criminal defense attorney.

Offense Gravity Scores do not "add up" Each charge has its own offense gravity score. To determine the standard "minimum range" you must also know you prior record score. In addition, some charges merge for the purpose of sentencing. Other charges can be withdrawn or reduced as part of the plea negotiations.

Having an experienced local defense attorney is your best option.


Your grading does not work by adding the scores of the offenses up. If you would like to know what you are facing and what defenses you have, you should sit down with an attorney.

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They will not "add up" to that score, but one may be sentenced consecutively on some of the charges.