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If a washing machine breaks down in rental house is the landlord responsible 4 repairing it? Can I use rent money for repairs?

Everett, WA |

Washing machine broke down, landlord at first said they would not pay for repair as they are "letting us use their washer" and it's our responsibility. Repair came to $200 for parts and labor. Finally she said she would pay $100 and I pay the other but the washing maching is still hers. Refrigertor is also 30+ years old and ruins our food. Seal is broken, freezer door is held on with paper clip and duck tape is involved. She refuses to buy new/used one. I found one to borrow but it wont fit in space and cabinet needs to be removed, she 'forbids' us doing so. Landlords moved out of country and don't want to do anything to maintain house. It's also not insulated. What are their responsibilities? We don't expect new things just want to be comfortable with working appliances.

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There is a statute around 59.18.115 that discusses repair and deduct remedies. It is very detailed and if you don't read the entire thing and follow the outline exactly you risk being evicted, so read it first.

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