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If a warrant is out for my arrest can I get back into America?

New York |

I was arrested in California a few years ago and then did not go to my court date. I haven't returned to America since then. If I go back to America now and I fly into New York, will I be arrested once I go through customs and they check my passport.

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This is not a question for this forum. You need to contact immigration counsel. Much will depend upon your immigration status. You may be denied entry. You may be denied permission to fly. These are things that you need to discuss in confidence with an immigration attorney. This is an open forum and no confidentiality is possible.


If the warrant was placed in the system, it will likely pop up when you clear Immigration and be acted upon at Customs. You should retain a California attorney to try and get the warrant vacated. The more serious the charge, the more likely its in the system. The above is for informational purposes only and not meant as legal advise.


It is very possible you be considered inadmissible to there may be some other complications with the warrant. Why don't you contact me privately and we can discuss this in detail.
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