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If a US citizen marries in Mexico, to a Mexican citizen, how long will it take for the Mexican citizen to become US legalized?

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The husband is a US citizen who married in Mexico to his wife who is a Mexican citizen. How long will it take for her to be able to come to the US legally with husband?

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It is impossible to predict because so much depends upon how quickly the government processes the applications. In my experience if there are no complications you are looking at time frame of approximately 1 year. However, to make the process as efficient as possible, I would recommend hiring an attorney. Please feel free to give me a call and I will give you a free consultation.
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While I agree that predicting the exact duration of visa processing is not an exact science, you can give estimates. If all of the paperwork is filed correctly for a CR-1 visa, then the process usually takes about 10-12 months and could be shorter or longer depending on your state of residence, the volume of visa petitions in Mexico, your ability to obtain supporting documents, etc. If time is of the essence, one of the best ways to ensure that your petition is filed properly, thereby avoiding timely delays, is by hiring an experienced immigration attorney.

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