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If a temporary custody order is still in status , but the parent that has temp custody is risking the mental and emotionastatue

Branford, CT |

Emotional safety of his 12 year old daughter. The mother went to 6 weeks of rehab for alcohol and has been clean for 10 months and continues to go to meetings sees a rehab counselor weekly has a full time job and a new condo to provide a safe home for her daughter. The 12 year old daughter does not want to be in her fathers home and has been with her mother exclusively for the past 4 weeks

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Your posting isn't clear. Please repost with a question.

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Hello, I am an attorney licensed in Connecticut and New York with my offices in Stratford, approximately 15 minutes from Branford. It seems you are the mother, and in recovery. While the question is unclear, you should be aware that a court will begin to take the minor child's desires into consideration more after they are thirteen years of age or older. We would need more details to be able to answer this properly. Feel free to contact us for assistance and further information.

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First the fact that there are temporary orders indicates that there is an open court case. You may want to ask the court to order a study by Family Relations. If you believe there is a chance of immediate harm then you need to contact the DCF hotline. 211 will connect you or look on the state website.
I also practice not far from you, and agree that more information is needed to answer this question.

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