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If a spouse file for and is granted a divorce w/o your knowlege how do you file a claim for support

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we were married in california in 1986,we seperated in 1998 i went home to my parents.we have two kids,he didn't want to pay support for he gave up his parental rights at will early on.left us penniless,he recently retired from the military after 24yrs.of the begining every thing was at a dead end,i couldn't get any help or answers. shortly after giving up parental rights the allotments stopped.throughout the yrs.i've felt helpless and angry that he has gotten away with this.i recently found out that there is a possibility we are already divorce,he has always known my whereabouts since the day i left

the reason i left him was because of abuse,his cheating with the woman he is now with and abandonment.i've lived in my home state Louisiana for the last 12yrs.

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You need to ask a Louisiana lawyer, as this is the state that has jurisdiction over your kids. As a thought, perhaps child support services there can help. In California a parent cannot voluntarily terminate parental rights in order to avoid supporting children. See an LA attorney.

Best of luck to you.

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Ms. Main is correct. See an attorney in Louisiana immediately. Also look in the county where your ex lived in California and find out if a divorce was ever filed. You could have the LA attorney contact him and find out if he ever filed papers.

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