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If a short term under six month marrage goes to trial what would each party get ?

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this is a no kids or asset except a new car bought during the marriage with no equity in it . All other assets were pre marital ,

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If there are no significant assets or shared debt, and no children, you will save a lot of time and money by just agreeing on a dissolution. Make sure you find an attorney to ensure the paperwork is correct. Good luck.

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While six months is a short time period, there is still the possibility that premarital assets Mary have been comingled with marital assets, improved or contributed to with marital assets or increased in value significantly during the marriage and that increase in value be subject to property division. I would seek a consultation to review your matter to clarify the property issue and review any proposed agreements.


Both Jennifer and Charles are right. No commingling of premarital assets, do a dissolution and save some money. If they were, consult an attorney.

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A case only goes to trial because the parties cannot agree on something. What are you fighting about? The length of the marriage is not the issue. The issue is the attitude of the parties. Remember, a divorce does two things 1) ends the marriage 2) divides assets and debts. People do not spend thousands of dollars on divorces because they want to stay married. They are fighting over stuff. I do not know what either of you will get, but I assure you a judge will not be pleased to have to hear this. So do yourself a favor and find an attorney to get this matter resolved without trial.

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