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If a prisoner does NOT currently have an immigration hold could a request to get married trigger a hold?

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He was born in the Philippines. His father (unknown) was US citizen mother Philipino. He came to the US age 4, went to school in US, has social security card. Mother became citizen just after he turned 18. He was convicted in CA in December 1996. Interviewed by immigration at time of booking and no hold placed. Still currently serving sentence in CA for the 1996 conviction. Due for release in approximately 6 years. We want to get married but are afraid it will trigger immigration investigation and hold.

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The marriage itself won't trigger anything with immigration, since immigration agencies have nothing to do with that kind of thing. It is not clear from the facts you've given if he has a legal status here or not. If he does not have a green card and you are a U.S. citizen wanting to petition for him, it is important to speak with an immigration attorney first. Before you file anything for him, a lawyer needs to review his criminal history to make sure it does not make him ineligible for a green card. Many crimes have immigration consequences, which can vary. The lawyer will also need to review his immigration history to determine what effect that may have on his options.

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Are you saying that he did something that resulted in a 23 year prison sentence?

If so, they probably have him on the 'radar' and don't need to put a hold on him at this time.

The marriage request won't 'flag' him ... but I bet that immigration knows about him.

Talk to a lawyer, his crime must have been super serious and he probably won't be allowed to stay in the US ... even if he marries a US citizen.

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You need to consult with counsel that can carefully look at case perhaps there is a possibility he is a citizen due to his father's citizenship. If not unlikely to adjust if he did along prison sentence!