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If a photo speeding ticket was received in Payson AZ, but I theoreticaly live in Virginia. Would I need to pay it?

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Let's say I received a photo ticket in the mail from July 12th, but I have read that they stopped enforcing those photo tickets as of July 15th on the Highway in AZ. Would I need to pay for a photo ticket if I was unable to show up for the court date back in AZ? Particularly if my eyes were covered by my sunglasses?

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If you did not show up for the court date and did not make payment by mail, the court would likely enter a "default judgment" on the ticket. In essence, that means you would be convicted of the ticket and a fine would be imposed.

The ticket would go on your driving record and could have insurance consequences. Realistically, the fine would be imposed, but it is unlikely that AZ would start a collection process on someone who lives in VA. However, if in the future you happened to be back in AZ and were stopped by the police, this could present some problems for you.

If you have further questions, I would recommend you speak to a traffic attorney in AZ.


The court must first obtain jurisdiction over you by serving you.

For more details, read my legal guide on photo radar procedures in Arizona.

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