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If a persons permanent residency card expired months back, without his/her knowledge and he or she is still employed at their

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Respective job in which they were hired before the expiration of the residency card..Can the person still be working and employed there? In other words, because the legal status is the same (only the card expired) . What issue would there be? Since the employee would not want to lose his/her job? And how would the employer come to know this..? And if the employer does find out.. Does this give them reason to terminate the employee? Even if the employee did not know of the expired permanent residency card? And if the employee files or plans on filing to renew their residency card will it be suffice to keep them currently employed? Also, consider the fact that there is a valid s.s. # Thanks

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An expired green card is not a legal basis to terminate an employee. In fact, this may be considered a violation of the law so-called citizenship discrimination.

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One's LPR status does not end with the expiration of the card. As a result, the work authorization is still valid, and there is no basis to terminate an employee ONLY for that reason. You ask how the employer would know about the expiration of the card. The I-9 the employee filled out upon hiring would have the expiration date of the card, and the employer would ask for the updated card.

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