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If a person wins their appeal in criminal court but immigration has a hold on him how long does it take for them to release his

Houston, TX |
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They have 48 hours for ICE to come pick him up.


So the appeal was sustained by whom? The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals or the District/County Court in Harris County? Or was it a Writ of Habeas if the 14th or 1st Court of Appeals in Houston? You need to be more precise, not enough facts. Essentially, your criminal defense or appellate attorney can fax or deliver the order from the court to the ICE Detention and Removal Office at 126 Northpoint or if your case is already before the Immigration Judge to the Assistant Chief Counsel and argue that you are no longer presumably removal since your criminal case was won/vacated? I'm just guessing here not enough info. Call or email my office for a appointment for a consultation if you like.