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If a person lies against you on a TRO what criminal charges can I press

Tinton Falls, NJ |

This is a domestic case. I left my x girlfriend and she is lieng to the police saying i hit her and her car when I have prove I dint do any of this. All because "if she cant have me no one can".

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While I do not pretend to be a criminal attorney in any respect, I have dealth with my fair share of domestic violence matters as a family law attorney. If you get to the point where an FRO trial is actually conducted, make sure your proofs are ready and admissable. As far as filing "criminal charges", it is my understanding that it is law enforcement that actually files the charges. Now they may do so based upon a complaint being filed by you. Will law enforcement waste their time going after someone who lied on a TRO, which is more a family matter than a criminal one....Im not so sure?

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