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If a person is married to two people at the same time, can they get both marriages annulled at the same time?

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If you end up married to two people at the same time, can you get both your marriages annulled at the same time? Or do you have to annul them one at a time? I'm not living with either spouse and I just want this over with. Neither marriage has been consummated, and no children are involved.

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You are legally married to the first person and have committed bigamy with the second. Unless you can prove fraud on the part of the other party at the time of the marriage, you will have a difficult time getting an annulment. However, the other party of the second marriage could prove fraud since you are the one who was married at the time if the second marriage.

You should file for divorce from the first man and take care of the second marriage after the first one has been completed. Hopefully neither one will bring up the issue of your bigamy.


This is a pretty unusual situation. I have actually had this happen, but my client thought that his divorce on his first marriage had been finalized years before when it was not. Although you are wanting to annul the marriages, it would work close to the same way.

However, the court might have some questions for you, especially if both cases are in the same court. The court will take a number of things into consideration. One thing it will look at is how long each of the marriages lasted.

Best of luck.


You are married to your first husband. The exceptions would be if he was already married when he married you, or if he committed fraud by lying or ignoring some substantial fact that would have changed your mind about marriage. These are two separate causes of action, so they will need to be dealt with individually.

Seek local legal representation. Good luck.


You are only married to one person, and that person is spouse number one. Get a lawyer and find out if you qualify for an annulment; if not, get a divorce. Spouse number two may have a cause of action against you for bigamy.

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