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If a person is banned from century 21 for 7 yeasrs. Is the information made public?

Brooklyn, NY |

My friend did a criminal search of her name onine just for the fun of it and that information popped up. Is that company allowed to do that? how can she have her information cleared from the web?

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People and/or companies can write many things on the internet, especially if it is true. There is certain information that is protected. Century21 may have the right to publish something like this on the internet, but if you consult with an attorney, there are ways for discouraging this type of information.

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We need to hear more facts. There seems to be something missing here.

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Those online criminal searches are notorious for being phishing scams. They collect information from people who conduct these searches by asking for their personal information or to 'correct' their records. Respondents with criminal records or who believe have criminal records then provide their personal information to the online 'search company' which then in turn, makes this information available to the general public -- sometimes for a fee. I would be highly skeptical of your friend's criminal search results and even more skeptical of any free non-government website that purports to provide anyone's criminal background.

A cursory google search of an online Century 21 'criminal' database revealed nothing for me.

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