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If a person commits armed robbery in the state of Ga, how much time will he get?

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When the person commited the crime he had 2 other people with him and firearms. A person was struck with a wepon which made it a home invasion. The guns involved were never fired just used by 1 of the suspects to strike a person at the home. 1 of the people involved has a prior record. All the suspected intruders was arrested expect for the get away driver, because that person told on the others involed. And never got arrested! The only thing taken in the robbery was money and drugs, so i guess you can say it was a "drug deal gone bad". A 4th person was arrested in the case as well for giving a false statment which is a felony. This person knew one of the robbers and the person who was robbed but didnt know the robbery was going to take place or anything about it.

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If the person has a lawyer they should be able to give them a more specific answer based upon the facts of that case/ Armed robbery by itself carries a sentencing range of ten years to life. O.C.G.A. § 16-8-41. However, based upon the facts as described above there are other charges that any of the participants can be held liable for as a party to the crime. There appears to be an aggravated assault and there might be a kidnapping. Additionally, if the money was taken from more than one person, then for each person there could be a seperate count of armed robbery and or aggravated assault. Ultimately, I guess that you want to know how much time a person would actually serve. These are extremely serious crimes that normally warrant a long prison sentence, but each case is different. A sentence may ultimately be effected by factors such as cooperation, the county the crime occured in, and what role a particular individual played in the crime.