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If a person brings their personal property and leaves it in your residence how long does it take to consider it abandoned in SC?

Lexington, SC |

Someone who was suppose to become a temporary room mate showed up last week with his personal property and I have not seen or heard from him. No money has exchanged hands although I was told by him he would pay me $50 a week.

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I do nbot know the answer off the top of my head, and i do not do legal research to anser these questions. i can tell you, off geh top of my head, there is a statute in S.C. regarding abandoned property. If memory serves, the time is not the critical factor. Rather, you must send notice to the owner that you consider it abandoned, etc. There is a precise procedure you must follow. I think the notice and procedure is done in Magistrates Court. Contact a local magistrate about this. If they do not know what you are talking about, then i am wrong. In that case, call attorneys until you can find one who will tell you for free how to do it (if they know off the top of their head, they may tell you, I would), or offer to pay an attoreny to look it up. if you want to try to find it your self, google SC Code of law. You will find the S.C. Code online. it is probably in Title 15.

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