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If a perm implant spinal cord stimulator was placed higher than the temp do I have a potential case. I

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After the perm implant of the spinal cord stimulator I went back several times for adjustments because it was not the same relief as the trial. I suffer from CPRS or RSD from a tumor re-section and I am in so much pain on a daily basis I have no life. I did the perm implant in May of 2011 and I now have additional pain in the back from the procedure. I just found out last week after going for yet another opinion that the perm implant was placed higher than the temp. With all the Doctors I saw they were comparing the x-rays from the date of the perm implant and stating that nothing moved they do not understand. I have since aquired the xrays from he temp implant and it is evident that the temp was lower than the perm. They are talking now of doing a corrective surgery. Desperate for answer

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I assume they did a test at a particular level toseehowyoud tolerate the device, then allegedly laced the permanent one at the "wrong" level.

I suggest you do one of two thing soon. Either obtain all your medical records and the contact a lawyer or contact a lawyer before obtaining records, from your story, it seems as if it is more a question of whether the placement of the device was wrong and if this breached the standard of care Ghana malfunction of the device, although without medical records and a review byan expert in this area of medicine it is impossible to determine.

I hope you're able to get some answers and some relief.

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Its not clear what you mean by "higher than the temp". If you mean that the leads were implanted at the wrong level of the spinal cord, that would certainly be cause for investigation by a qualified medical malpractice attorney. If you mean the stimulator device was placed in a different position, that may or may not be cause for further investigation. The location of the stimulator itself, as opposed to the leads, is not usually critical in the relief provided.

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Since you are contemplating corrective surgery, you should obtain all your records to compare whether the surgical implant in May of 2011 was performed inadequately. A well qualified medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago will have your medical records reviewed to determine whether a meritorious cause exists, as opposed to an unfortunately bad result and post-operative changes.

Jordan Margolis, Chicago

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You are asking whether this misplacement was malpractice. You would want to order and pick up all your medical records and bills, and get a medical malpractice lawyer to have a physician expert review them to ascertain whether or not there was a breach of the standard of care.

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Find an experienced medical malpractice attorney and call for a free consultation. If you haven't done so already request all medical records.

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