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If a parent was granted permission to relocate the children to another state will that parent need permission to relocate again?

Reno, NV |

Moved from Reno to Texas, and now parent is considering moving back to Reno ...does that parent need permission to relocate again?

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It depends on where the other parent is located. If the other parent is in Nevada, then you do not need permission to return to Nevada. Otherwise, the permission you got to move to Texas does NOT apply for you to move to any other state. Keep in mind that any significant change in location will require a change in the visitation schedule.

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It may also be affected by any orders from Texas, if the prior order was domesticated and the Texas court took home-state jurisdiction. If the relocating parent did not get permission from the Texas court, then they would be expected to return to the Nevada courts to obtain permission and to assure that the visitation schedule was modified accordingly. Of course, you can alway consent to the move yourself, which would put home-state jurisdiction back in Nevada (assuming a 6 month residency requirement were met), making enforcement of a Nevada order just that much easier.



So if he has lived in Texas for longer then 6 months, Texas now has jurisdiction over our original order? Or just any new orders pertaining to our case?

Keith Pickard

Keith Pickard


The 6 month rule is what dictates a state's jurisdiction. Assuming you never moved out of Nevada, Nevada can still hear the case. But once Texas assumes home-state jurisdiction, it can take jurisdiction and make new orders.


The order allowing the parent to relocate to Texas does not extend to any future relocation. If both parents agree to the relocation, then get it writing. If the non-moving parent disagrees, then the moving parent will need a court's permission to relocate.

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