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If a parent is scheduled for every other weekend supervised, how are holidays scheduled?

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Due to serious neglect issues with father, I'm petitioning for parenting time amendment for father to have every other weekend supervised. He allows our 16 year to expose himself to his brothers AFTER counselors have said to separate, gives him cash for pot, degrades our son who is on antidepressant medication, teaches the children to steal by bringing home items from military base where he works and I caught him with our youngest in his underwear -son said dad was picking scabs all over him, now he's been bed-wetting and 10 years old. I want to protect my children. One our boys stole from dad and just got finished with his deferred sentence.

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Holidays are scheduled in whatever manner the Court is convinced is in the best interests of the children under the circumstances.

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Mr. Harkess is correct. You either need to have the Court address that key issue or try to reach a mutually agreeable resolution through negotiation or mediation.

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You first have to convince a court that the children are endangered when they are with their father. This is not as easy as you think. If you are not working with counsel, please consider retaining an experienced family law attorney to assist you. It sounds like this is very important to you and your children. If you have a 16 year old who is sexually acting out, I am assuming that he is in therapy. If not, he needs to be, and very promptly. I agree with Mr. Harkess that if there is an order of supervision, it will supercede any holiday parenting time, or it will be whatever the judge says it is. Most professional supervision facilities do not remain open on major holidays, so holidays are celebrated immediately before or after the actual date of the holiday.

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