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If a neighbor threatens to attack you... Next time it happens and they hit you first and you hit back... who gets in more troub

Staten Island, NY |

Crazy neighbor. If I do engage in a fight and he attacks first... does he get in trouble? I mean I can always claim self defense right?

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It's not a simple issue of one hit for one hit. Generally, the law expects you to try to safely remove yourself from the situation before employing "self defense". If someone hits you and you have the ability to flee, you should, and call the police. If you are cornered and do not have the ability to flee without subjecting yourself to multiple strikes, you may use an appropriate amount of force in self-defense in an effort to remove yourself from the situation. In short, it is best to try and avoid the confrontation all together. If your neighbor has threatened to attack you, you should notify the police of the threat so that if there is at some point a physical altercation, your claim of self-defense will be more credible having documented the threat from your neighbor.

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