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If a minor were to become pregnant, go to another state, get married, and then have an abortion, would the marriage still hold?

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I am a minor dating a well over eighteen year old, and he and I have been talking about these things. I am not pregnant, and have no intent on becoming pregnant, but if I were to be I would.... well I have no idea what I would do. anyway, this crossed my mind and I am just looking for some answers.

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I'm not entirely sure what your question is. But here are a few things to consider:

1. Getting an abortion does not affect whether one is married.

2. Your romantic partner, whether you're married or not, has no legal ability to prevent you from getting an abortion, or to compel you to get one. Neither do your parents (unless you were judged to be mentally incompetent, perhaps, but that's unlikely and gets more complicated).

3. Depending on his age, and yours, and the laws of your state, your partner may well be committing a serious crime by having a sexual relationship with you. Marrying you will not necessarily change that; it might even be seen as an admission of guilt. He's taking an incredible risk, with very, very serious consequences.

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If you are a minor and have sex with a man well over 18. The man will have committed a crime. It's called statutory rape. That should be your concern.