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If a landlord requests I move out of the room I rent in her home because she doesn't like me, can I make her pay moving exp.?

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As a tenant renting a room in a house with a contract, the landlord (home owner) requests I move out of her house because she feels our personalities are not compatible. If she requires I move out, can I make her pay my moving and possibly other inconvenience expenses as well as get a refund on my application fee?

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If you have a contract the landlord will have a difficult time evicting you for a personality conflict. However, if she wants you out and you want to leave, you have the ability to negotiate any resolution that you desire to let her out of her obligations under the contract.

If the contract is for a week to week, month to month tenancy, the landlord can give you notice under the agreement and force you to move at the end of the notice period. Obviously you can also be given notice if the tenancy is for a longer duration - but if it is a short tenancy the landlord can get you out much sooner by giving notice.

This information is provided for general informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice. An attorney licensed in your jurisdiction can answer questions specific to your specific fact situation and provide you appropriate advice as necessary based on the specific facts of your matter and the jurisdiction in which you reside. If you are in Arizona and interested in discussing your matter further I can be reached at: (480) 838-9000 Mark D. Fullerton, P.C. 1839 S. Alma School Road, Suite 275 Mesa, Arizona 85210



Yes, the contract is month to month with either party allowed to give 30 day notice. Her notice was given to me today the 15th in the afternoon telling me to be out by the 14th. That seems more like 29 days? When I wrote a check for the deposit, in the note line I wrote "deposit and/or possible last mo. rent". Can I choose to use it for last rent days? The contract says the deposit can be used as last months rent with written permission. By her cashing the check with my note, does that give me written permission?

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