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If a judgement creditor moves outside the US and never pursued collection and SOL is (less than 60 days what are my options?

San Antonio, TX |

Original judgement date was Aug 7 2008 (state was Arizona) SOL on written contracts is 5 years. Judgement Creditor moved out of US in October 2008 and never attempted to collect. I attempted since 2009 to contact judgement creditor to repay or settle but his family only knows he moved to Seville Spain after retiring from federal service and has no contact with him?

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The Statute of Limitations only applies to how long a creditor has to sue you, not how long the judgment is valid. So the 5 year SOL is inapplicable to your situation since the creditor already sued and got a judgment. Usually judgment creditors are chasing you down for money not the other way round. If this is not being pursued what is your motivation to repay or settle the debt? I guess you could hire an investigator to track him down if you are hell bent to pay. Cheaper, you could Google it. Good Luck.


You need to find the enforcement period for a judgment in Arizona. In Texas, it's 10 years and they can be renewed. The Arizona law may have similar features. If the judgment is not showing on your credit reports, it should have no impact on your financial affairs. You might consider letting it expire.

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