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If a husband commits DV and the wife wants to leave the state for her safety, is it considered fleeing or just getting safe

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Our neighbor just got beat up by her hubby, its a three day weekend so she can't get a hold of her lawyer and she wants to fly to Florida because she is scared of what might happen when he gets out. Will that damage her trying to get her children, or be considered fleeing somehow?

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This is a very fact intensive situation. Assuming your friend and husband reside in Pierce County, many judges and commissioners do not like a party fleeing without any notice to the other parent or at least a goodby phone call from the child. They preder that rather than just flee and hide out, that a party should take advantage of getting an order for protection (restraining order) to keep the other party away, pending a hearing. There is a Court Facilitator to assist with paperwork,

Many more facts are needed regarding the situation, and your friend needs to contact a family law attorney ASAP.

This post is not intended to be specific Legal advice, but merely a post on general family law. Independent counsel should be sought with respect to the specifics of this case.


If she hasn't already contacted an attorney or sought an Order for Protection, she may also want to try to contact area domestic violence shelters. A good place to start in Pierce County is the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, (253) 798-4166 or (800) 764-2420.

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