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If a couple are in divorce proceedings, can the husband change the wife as beneficiary on any of his life insurance policies.

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A husband is paying the premiums for one life insurance policy and the other is held by the company he works for.

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That depends on if there are orders in place to prevent it. The bexar county website does not seem to provide any, but check by calling the court. If there are standing orders, that means certain behavior is not allowed and normally one of those listed is changing beneficiaries on policies like life insurance.

If there are no orders in place to prevent him from changing beneficiaries, then yes, he can. You can petition the court to put those orders in place, but it may not be worth your time and effort. Unless the final orders require him to keep the wife as beneficiary, he will be able to change it in the future.

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Is there a Restraining order in effect or another injunction of some type? If not, then probably so. (I would be sure to check with your lawyer before taking such action.)

Good luck!



I don't think there are any standing orders in Bexar County. Therefore, you would need temporary orders to prevent the changing of beneficiaries.

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