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If a company like Facebook sends me a notification that my account was attempted to be accessed how long do they keep that data?

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By law if someone attempts to login to my social networking account and the company that ows this platoform is based out of CA how long does the company have to keep a record of the IP Address recorded went the attempted login was made. I received a notice via email from the company in August. They did not get back to me with an answer when I asked about it. I then filed a BBB complaint that again led to the company not answering my question with a valid solution to find the IP address. I know getting the IP Address won't for sure get me to a person behind it but I believe someone is trying to interfere with me from filing a court case in the future and using this as one of several tacits to stop it.

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Are you sure that the e-mail from Facebook was in fact from Facebook? I receive a constant barrage of "phishing" attempts through e-mail. You click the link to log-in to Facebook and it isn't Facebook -- it is a fake site set up to get your personal information. If so, Facebook would not necessarily respond to your requests. Legally, nothing requires them to give you information like that unless you send them a subpoena related to litigation.


There is no law in the US mandating that a company preserve IP address information. There was a law proposed last year to combat child pornography that would require ISPs to maintain IP address information for a period of one year. However, Facebook is not an ISP and that law would likely not apply to them.

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