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If a civil harassment restraining order is needed what if the last name is unknown of the person you want restrained?

Santa Cruz, CA |

I have a threatening neighbor's worker constantly coming up to myself and my husband yelling at us and threatening to harm us and our dogs because we banned together with other neighbors and decided after 5 days of them not coming to feed their dogs to get those poor animals some help by contacting animal control. One of the 3 dogs ran off because he was not enclosed in the tiny shed with the other two dogs and was starving after 5 days no food and water. We believe animal control was called when this dog came onto some other persons property running loose. Animal control came out and left a note but took no animals at that time - the loose dog was captured later. But the worker thinks we had the dog picked up. we don't know his last name only his first name. Can we file w/ a description

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Next time this guy shows up, call the police. If you can, get his license plate number and give it to the police. Let them deal with him.