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If a city relased a felony warrant would'nt that mean that the state would have dropped it too?

Clarkesville, GA |

my husband had a hold in clarksville, Ga but when i called they said the hold had been relased but the next day they put the hold back on stating that the city had relased it's warrant but not the state. I would think that if the city reased it would'nt that mean the state did also and just did not put in the computer?

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Unfortunately no, it is possible for one agency to release a hold or dismiss a warrant and another agency keep a similar hold or warrant in place. In some cases one agency will allow the other agency to proceed with the prosecution in lieu of proceeding with their own prosecution. Of course your situation may also be a paperwork problem, we just can't tell from the information provided. If you hire an attorney they should be able to find out what is happening with greater specificity, and if there is a hold in place take action to have it released, have a bond set, or simply defend as to the incident that caused the hold to be put in place.

This answer is provided for informational purposes only. The response given is not intended to create, nor does it create, an attorney-client relationship. Each case is fact specific, and it is impossible to evaluate a legal question without a review of all the facts at issue. If you are looking for legal advice regarding a problem in the State of Georgia you may contact my office so that we can set up an office or phone consultation to fully address your question.


Not necessarily. There are different prosecutors in municipal and state courts. Also, it could be that the city dropped its warrant in favor of the state's. The only way to find out for sure would be to contact the office that has issued the current hold.

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