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If a bad check is given to my bank for processing if they allow me to receive the funds who is accountable.

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I recently got scammed for $1,900.00 on Craigslist "selling a bike" The end result was I received a check $1,900.00. it was a bad check. My question is If I had only $2.00 in my account before placing the check into my bank account. Should I be held liable for the bank giving me access to the moneys of the fraudulent check without checking to see if the check was bad first. Should they only allow me the funds available in my account, being the $2.00 until the check is cleared and processed. Bad Check Given to my bank for processing are they responsible for making sure the check is good before giving me the funds of the check.

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This is an ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC Craigslist fraud, to common that Craigslist has gone to exceptional lengths to warn sellers. The scammers offer deals far to good to be true, but too attractive to buyers to heed the warnings. The law is clear that the funds don't belong to the seller upon deposit, but upon collection-- which takes as much at ten days. When the seller sends good money to the scammer, the seller must cover that payment.

Sorry to have to bring you bad news, but liability is not in the bank, it is yours.

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I am thankful for your knowledge. So it is not the banks responsibility to the customer to verify the checks authenticity before placing the funds available into the customer's account. I would be grateful for your second response.

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