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If a 9.0 Earthquake hits california and the DA office is crumbled would my charges be dropped?

Rosemead, CA |
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Not unless the flying spaghetti monster ate the files. Just kidding. To answer your question, unlikely. All the DA would have to do is transfer files to another office and continue with proceedings as planned. Would it be a pain? Definitely! Would it stop them from continuing to prosecute you? Doubtful. Especially since, even if DA lost files, Court would still have a copy of the important documents.

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Probably not, but they sure would be busy picking up the pieces and would probably have to prioritize their limited resources.

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Most files are backed up either online or some sort of electronic storage. The police reports for example would be at the police department as well. So no....not getting the charges dropped by this scenario.

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Why would they? I am sure the DA's office has backups and could still try the case. In any event, a 9.0 has not hit, which makes your question irrelevant to your case.

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I hope if a 9.0 quake hits your biggest concern is your pending DUI. More importantly, if you have the power to cause such a quake, you should not be revealing that on the internet because Big Brother is going to find you.

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