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If a 18 year old man is being held for a fugitive charge what exactly does that mean ?

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If a person is being held as a fugitive, that means he is wanted in state number 1 for an alleged criminal act in that jurisdiction which has an active arrest warrant but was found in state number 2. State Number 2 is holding the person based upon that warrant pending his waiver of rendition back to state number 1 or a governor's warrant from state 1.


A Governor's Warrant - which is the document indicating the State of issue for the warrant intends to come and get him. A waiver means the man in question waives the hearing to determine of he is the subject of the warrant. They are not mutually exclusive. If you waive it simply means you are not contesting the extradition. If you waive the state may still not choose to issue a Governor's warrant. In which case you post bond of some sort and they give you a date in the other State to appear in court.

Ultimately what the whole thing means is that at some point a warrant to arrest the man in question was issued by a court in another State and it has no geographical limitations.

John Yetter


It means that there is a warrant for his arrest in another county or another state. He will be held for that county / state to pick him up to bring him to answer the charges. It could be that he appeared in court before on those charges and then took off, or that he never was arrested on those charges until now. In the second scenario, he is a fugitive just because he is away from the state which has charges on him.

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