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If 3 day ntc. & 2 "eviction warning" notes 2 wks later show incorrect mo. rent amt how do I proceed with "answer?" Due in 3 days

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Landlord is not keeping the verbal agreement we had claiming I didnt communicate enough regarding the status of my late paycheck which was to come around the 15th, I wasnt sure exactly. I feel i did & I didnt see the "eviction warning" notices on door (in bed sick all wk) until i came back from Dr. I was paid the 18th & tried to pay rent/late fees -she said i owed 680 in Attny fees too. I still have jan $ & have $ for feb rent too. She wouldnt accept $$ & I think 680 is unreasonable so I declined to pay attny fees. The lease says if i default i have to. I've been a good tenant in all 15+ places i've rented in my life. First time I've asked to pay late. Should i "answer" & go to court? I have Dr. note/money to pay rent/late fees or ask if agreement still possible? 3 days to "answer"

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If you have been properly served with an unlawful detainer lawsuit, you should immediately hire an expert attorney to represent you at your court hearing. I would not wing it. I cannot understand the details of the dates you provide. But your lawyer can sort all that out. Get some help. Make sure to ask the attorney if they specialize in unlawful detainer defense of tenants.

Good luck.

Disclaimer: Ms. Kermani is an attorney licensed to practice in California. This post does not constitute legal advice, should not be relied upon as such, and does not create an attorney client relationship. Since each solution is fact specific, please consult an attorney and provide them with all the facts and documents at issue. Only then can you receive legal advice tailored to your specific situation.



i cannot afford an attorney, hence why i'm asking online. The landlord was aware it would take a couple of weeks. I had the money on the 18th. You didnt answer.

Samira Kermani

Samira Kermani


There are many local legal aid clinics that provide attorneys free of charge. A good one is Bet Tzedek Legal Services in Los Angeles. You can call them and ask for a referral to another clinic if they are too far from you. The clinics all have excellent attorneys who represent tenants free of charge. If you tendered the money after the agreed upon date, he doesnt have to accept rent. But more importantly, if you have a court date, a legal aid attorney should represent you and they are free. Wish you all the best.

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