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If someone calls me and says call the cops on me again and we 'll see what happens to you is that a crime

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my wife called police on a woman because her horse got lose and came down to our farm. Since the horse runs down a state highway we all ways do. this has happened 20 to 30 times over pass 14 or so years. the horse had really bad sores and seemed to be in pain ,could not eat . This woman called my wife . and said "If you call the cops on me again we will see what happens to you". Is this a crime?

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In my view, its no threat to say 'we'll see what happens to you". If they do threaten you physically or threaten to damage your property, call police immediately and report it.

FWIW, your wife did the right thing and perhaps a call to SPCA to report the horse’s condition would be in order too.

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I'm not a criminal attorney, but that is a rather generic statement. She could mean anything from calling the police to your home for some reason, to committing homicide. I don't think that without some action on her part you have enough for a restraining order. Next time the horse gets out try calling animal control or the ASPCA.

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It could be, if you are concerned call the police.

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