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Identity Theft: HealthNet Insurance has confirmed the theft of our information. What rights do we have?

Mesa, AZ |

They have confirmed the theft of our personal information, and "possible" protected health and financial info. They are offering 2 years indentity protection through Debix. Now they want me to give my info to this Debix Co. What about after 2 years? Debix is not part of the BBB and I know nothing about them. What about my stolen health records? Would they be found financially responsible for the loss of my protected health information? Beyond the 2 year identity theft protection can they be found responsible for potentcial damages for identity and financial information theft?

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I have read a recent letter from HealthNet that seems to be the same one above. The one I read was a form letter that said that personal information may have been stolen. I cannot speak for Debix, as I am not familiar with them.

If there is a theft, the letter I read discussed insurance coverage for incidents that occur as a result of the theft. If the coverage does not pay for any potential loss, you should consult with an attorney regarding your possible claim against HealthNet.

Also, see Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 57.1 and 57.2, which deal with identity theft and civil lawsuits.

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