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Identity fraud...misdemeanor or felony?

Los Angeles, CA |

My ex-boyfriend who I have no spoken to in 2 years, just opened up a wireless account in my name. I know this because I just received the bill. It had his phone number which he's had for many years and my name and address. He's done things like this before. I called AT&T and they said he opened the account in my name a month ago. The bill at this point is for $165. This is identity fraud, correct? Is it a misdemeanor or felony? What are the legal repercussions? Is there anything I can do? I doubt AT&T will go after him. I bet they will just make him pay the bill and keep him as a customer. Is there anything I can do? He's done things like this to me before.

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If you want to put him in jail, then talk to a local criminal law attorney near you about what your rights are and what you can do. Given the situation, ATT may well decide to go after him harder than you think. Talk with them about the situation since they were the ones defrauded and they are the ones who have the right to press a criminal charge if they want to. In many states credit card fraud is treated differently than normal criminal fraud might be. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote Up” review below. Thanks. Ron Burdge,

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