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ID prison transfer to WA state for court was sentence/served 1yr release/discharge to ID..WA prosecutor has a hold for judgment?

violated parole in WA. Was paroled out of ID. So ID picked him up. Filed paper work to have WA charge him or not. WA picked him up and pled guilty, sentences and served 13 months was released/discharged as completing his time from Washington Department of corrections.. Transferred back to ID and his parole hearing is in 2 wks. Now the prosecutor put a hold not to release him for a hold on the judgment. I called WDOC and the Court clerk and no warrent has been issued. At the time I didn’t know it was a hold though I thought it was a warrent. Maybe I have to say the word hold. His time is supposed to be concurrent because he wouldn’t have plead guilty. He already did the 13 months. Now the prosecutor is putting a hold on him, which is going to mess up his parole hearing completely. Can they do that? If his sentence was supposed to start after he was done with Idaho. Can they make him do another 13 months? Seems very shady and unfair. Do prosecutors really babysit one person’s status in the jail system in another state? Do prosecutors really watch every single theft felony case? Why wait until his parole hearing? Why didn't he stop WA from releasing him then?

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