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Iam 45 and my girlfriend is 16 about to turn 17 and the law in ohio say that the law say the sex consent say 16 are we breaking

Ironton, OH |

any laws or are we ok?

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The only law that you may be breaking is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. You are correct in the sense that the age of consent is 16, however it probably will not stop the girls parents from making your life a living he__ __. A girl of 16 is very naive and trusting and will probably be hurt by you. I have seen to many cases where the young person, after the relationship ends (which yours will), decides that you manipulated her and that you coerced her into any type of sexual contact. My suggestion would be to leave teenage girls to teenage boys and stay away from her. The situation is not likely to end well.


Attorney Bartos gives great advice. If there is any sane person in her life, they will find a reason to charge you with contributing.

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