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I90 application for replace green card ( correction ) process time

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I got my 2 years conditional green card (marriage) card in 2010. After 2 years I approved for 10 years green card. Since I got 10 years green card there was mistake in my last name ( uscis mistake) then I filled the i90 application (with proof of my social security and Driving id) for replace in early April 2013. After that they send me 1 letter that they accept the application. I did not got any biometric appointment letter yet.
It's around 10 months completed and the website says " initial review"
P ls do you know how many time they take more? And how I travel to my country ?

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I-90s are taking an abnormally long time of late, due to DACA applications, etc. that are clogging an already severely backlogged application processing system at USCIS. The ones filed by my office all took at least 6 months, but never more than 7. Call the USCIS national toll free number to inquire and also schedule an INFOPASS appointment at your local district office to inquire.

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I went there but they stamped for only 2 months on my passport. And they said nothing about the case, they said just it takes more time. That's it.


You may also check the average processing times at the following USCIS website which is broken down by application type:

Good luck

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According to website they goal is 3.5 months

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