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I485 initial interview

Newark, NJ |

I filed my I765 and I130 and I485 based on marriage...I have done biometrics and haven't gotten any status updates nor have I gotten my work authorization or no social security number. But I just got my notice for my green card interview in Newark, NJ which is in 3 weeks. Is that oky?

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For some reason, I am seeing application being process VERY quickly. You will probably get your work card just prior to your interview. You should consider speaking with an attorney to prepare and protect you for the interview in Newark.

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Some people would be very excited to have an interview that quickly. It does happen sometimes. If you are concerned, which it sounds like you are, you should consult with a lawyer. Once you go to the interview and something goes wrong, it is much harder to correct, if it's possible at all. If there is a problem, it can be addressed ahead of time.


That is the proper procedure. I agree that you should at least consult with an immigration attorney to review your documents before your interview.

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Sounds like the normal procedure.


The work authorization is supposed to allow you to work while waiting on your adjustment application to be adjudicated. Sometimes the adjustment applications are processed so fast that people receive their interview prior to getting the work authorization or within very close proximity. If you have questions leading up to your interview or just want to better prepare yourself on what to expect, I recommend contacting a qualified immigration attorney. Also, if you wanted, you might be able to find an immigration attorney to accompany you to the interview.

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