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Richmond, VA |

maybe it sounds funny, but I really worry..I am now here in US and call to my kid oversea everyday..And he , like every boy, likes to talk about guns and other stuff like this..I tried to explain him that I can have problems ..I applayed for green card , but worry, about my phone conversations with bunch of talks like this and will it hurt me? I know sounds stupid, but here everything is taken too serious..

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Do not worry. If you are talking to your child about guns and not planing an act of terrorism under the presence of talking to the child, you have nothing to be worried about. This is not Saudi Arabia.


This is not a stupid question at all and I understand why you are concern ed. There is a lot of conflicting media coverage about this topic. However, simply speaking about weapons is not an offense and will not effect your application for residency. Try not to worry.

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Doubt it will have any impact on your application.

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