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I wrote a false report, saying my boyfriend hit me i lied. i want the charges dropped what do i do?

Clifton, TX |

will i go to jail for lying to the police? i am a breastfeeding mother to our 2 month old, and i never been in trouble by the police before. if i go to court and tell the judge the truth will this fix things?

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Most DA's offices have a policy against prosecuting complaining witnesses who recant in family violence cases. However, they certainly could charge you with an offense. You need to consult a criminal defense attorney of your own (not your boyfriend's attorney) as to how to best proceed in your jurisdiction. Obviously you should always call the police if you are assaulted or in danger, but be aware that when you do, someone is going to jail. As you have learned, the police do not take these allegations lightly.

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I agree that you should speak with an attorney before doing anything. You want to help your boyfriend and you want to avoid problems for yourself. An attorney, armed with the facts, is in the best position to negotiate the criminal system to accomplish both of your goals. Good luck.


I suggest YOU talk to a local lawyer before doing anything. You could be charged with making a false report. They do not do that in Harris County, but many counties do. You can also cooperate with his lawyer.

Cynthia Henley