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I wrecked my truck and i was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine but the thing is that police officer order a

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Blood draw, the thing is that the officer dont know or didnt notice but I was under the influence of methamphetamine,and they thought I was only drunk...Well i want to know if when they took my blood will that come out asa well and will affect me? And if when i go 2 court will they drug test me again that same day?

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Unless the police put down that they believed you were a alcohol drug combo
you will not be analyzd for drugs if your alcohol level is over point 08 if
you are and it shows positive for methamphetamine you may also be charged
for the Health and Safety Code 11550 under the influence of a controlled
substance. They will not drug test you when you go to court


I would caution you against posting such incriminating statements that might be traceable to you.

I am unclear about you question "will that comes out asa well and will affect me?" I can't understand what you are trying to ask.

Will they drug test you at court? Most likely, no, unless you appear to be under the influence at the time of being in court.


They won't likely test you in court and if the cops don't suspect drug use, they won't order the lab to test for meth. However, I wouldn't bank on that. They could ask the lab to test for alcohol and drugs. Best to get an attorney ASAP and defend yourself. Have the blood tested by a lab of your choice.

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Riverside, like most jurisdictions, does not automatically screen blood for controlled substances or pharmaceutical drugs. The blood will be screened if 1) the officer checked the box asking for it to be screened, or 2) the BAC comes back less than 0.08 (sometimes this is done automatically, and sometimes it has to be resubmitted by the officer or the DA.)

If the blood turns up the meth and its metabolite, and the symptoms you displayed at the time of arrest can be matched up to meth or a "downside meth", then you can expect to be charged with a DUID (23152(a)) as well as 11550.

They are unlikely to test you when you go to court, unless you go to court high. If any of the officers present at court suspect you of being 11550, then you can expect to be arrested and tested. Don't go to court high - it never really turns out well.

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