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I would like to know who can help me to fill a grievence law suit for the miss handling of a 6month old baby myself and mom

Huntington Beach, CA |

Do you know how to go about filling charges on a person who has just traumatized someone by entrapping them in the courts. Taking a baby away from someone trying to help a situation to turn out best for the baby, and mom. I am concerned about the mishandling suspicious activity being conducted by the OC Department of children's service. I am an RN and be leave what happened to me is cruelty to people and want to make known somehow to the public whats going on with the Social Service department in Orange County. I want to file a law suit to make sure this situation doesn't continue to happen,unfortunately I believe its going on to often,and am afraid we are losing all rights as American citizens and its only going to get worse if we don't stand up and fight for what we believe .

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It's going to be difficult to help you out on this forum because you don't give enough details about your case to show why you want to sue the department. As a general rule, however, state agencies are immune to most civil suits. I would recommend contacting lawyers in your area who specialize in lawsuits against state and government agencies to determine whether you have an actionable claim.

This answer does not create an attorney/client relationship, and is only meant as a suggestion of how to proceed. Due to the facts unknown to the answerer, some or all of this advice may not be accurate. In order to receive a full answer to your questions, please consult privately with an attorney.