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I would like to know what my options are in getting a severance package, if I have to take another position out of my area of ex

Quincy, MA |

I have been in a VP position with a company for 18 months. I was the first African American VP this company has ever had. They paid to relocate me, i sold my home, left my family, and now they going through a reorg and is eliminating my position. I think they want to offer me a position they just created that has nothing to do with my 27 years of experience, and I just want to take a severance package and leave. I experienced some racial strife when I initially started the job, and felt for a while I was in a hostile work environment. It has gotten better, but I never received the resources and support I needed from Sr leadership to be successful and I am not confident that I will get the support I need in this new role

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It is possible that you could leverage the racial strife into a severance package. It would depend on the circumstances, and once you go down that road it would be difficult to go back if they refuse. Discussing more of the details with an employment attorney would be a good first step.