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I would like to know if I, can file a lawsuit on my daughter's school and the police department?The cop said you got your ass wi

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Today a girl came to the school looking for one of my daughter's friends to fight.Did not see her and attacked my daughter. This girl bit my daughter in her face and she has cuts on her knee from the ground.This was the last day of school.The school had to call for back up police officers because multiple fights where everywhere. So they could not have prevented my daughter fight form happening.My daughter gets picked up and dropped of at school.I was talking to her before and the police are yelling telling her and other students they have to get off school property.She told the police I, always wait here for my Mom or Dad they did not want to hear that.So the girl started to follow her and they followed her across the school and she hit her again and they began fighting

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I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. I'm not so clear on all the facts; however, the school has a duty to provide adequate security measures for its students. I strongly suggest you consult a personal injury attorney in your area. Good luck to you!

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I am sorry to hear about what happened. Based on the limited facts that you provided it does not appear that your daughter would have a claim against the police department, but there may be additonal facts that could change this so I would recommend you speak with an attorney in your area.

You also want to ask the attorney about what claims your daughter has against the girl who attacked her and whether or not the claims against the girl who attacked her would be covered by homeowner's insurance or the responsibiltiy of the girl's parents.

Good luck.

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