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I would like to know how to file a complaint against a local municipality.

Saint Louis, MO |

I believe the police departments in the area are writing tickets to fulfill a monthly quota.

I was in the car with my 16 year old daughter and she was pulled over for "failure to stop at a stop sign". I was in the car and know first hand that she stopped at the stop sign.

If this alleged act was not caught on the patrol's car dash camera, to me this would be the police word against our word? Is this a case that can be fought?

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You can fight the ticket. I don't think you will ever prove there is a can complain to the city as a citizen..

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You can file a complaint against the police officer. You can also fight the ticket in court if you want to go to trial, but it will not be cheap, and you're not likely to win. The police officer doesn't have to have video evidence -- just his testimony is enough. Bottom line: it's the police officer's word against your daughter's word, and the police officer has more credibility in court because he's a cop. The judge will see your testimony as being biased since you're her mother. For a relatively small fee, you can hire a traffic law attorney to get your daughter's ticket reduced to "Illegal Parking," which is a non-moving, no-point violation. You daughter will have to pay a fine and court costs, but she won't have to appear in court, and her driving record and insurance won't be affected.

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